Automate AI-driven insight for Brand Building with Dash

How NLP and Image Processing Drives Business KPIs

October 25, 2023

From corporate finance to service operations, the usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has grown exponentially across all industries, with AI expected to contribute to a 21% increase in United States GDP by 2023. Natural language processing (NLP) and image processing are branches of AI that have helped data scientists align with business KPIs and deliver insight faster.

One company that is harnessing the power of NLP and image processing is Crant, a creative machine learning company that bridges the gap between marketing data and business value. Crant recently launched an AI platform that provides daily metrics and engagement analysis in a multi-page Dash app. They focus on a metric called “brand love”, which processes large volumes of data from multiple social media platforms to measure how attractive brands are for their respective audiences. In order to scale data processing capabilities and incorporate Python-based AI packages while maintaining front-end customizability, Crant data scientists transitioned from Google Data Studio to Dash Enterprise.

Join this upcoming customer spotlight with Crant to learn how they saved 28 hours per week on analysis time and brought innovation to marketing intelligence and reporting by:

  • Developing a Dash app that measures and displays a company’s brand attractiveness in real-time, by drawing insights from historic, competitor, and benchmark data
  • Conducting image processing from social media posts to identify key drivers for user behavior and offer smart recommendations to drive higher post performance
  • Implementing NLP and semantic analysis with relation to DE&I metrics
  • Offering outlier detection and contextualization of social media platform share depending on post engagement

Meet the Speakers

Alvaro Melendez

Alvaro Melendez is the Co-Founder & CEO of Crant. He started the company in 2018 with the goal of helping brands leverage AI to grow their relevance in the most competitive markets. Under his leadership, the company has quickly grown its customer base and global recognition, with recent wins of the Webby and the Anthem Awards.

Wesam Azaizeh

Wesam Azaizeh is a data scientist with a diverse background, including bioinformatics, astrophysics, and aging research. He specializes in generative AI, data modeling, and data visualization at Crant, where he plays a key role in driving brand success through data.