Dash 2.0 Announcement

Recorded on August 24, 2021

In this special webinar, Plotly's Chief Scientist and CPO introduce Dash 2.0!

Dash 2.0 is a project to significantly expand the capabilities of the Dash callback decorator, introducing new concepts in Dash Labs such as Templates and Plugins that enable powerful Dash apps with minimal lines of code, and simplifying the boilerplate under unified imports. For brand new Python programmers, Dash 2.0 significantly lowers the barrier of entry for quickly creating analytic data apps and GUIs. For advanced Dash programmers, Dash 2.0 provides a powerful new paradigm for code reuse-ability and share-ability.

In this webinar, Jon and Chris cover:

  • How to simplify installation and imports with monopackages
  • How new callback enhancements increase flexibility
  • How to use long callbacks for caching — and scaling your work
  • How these community-led innovations make Dash Enterprise even more optimizied for production-grade development

Meet the Speakers

Jon Mease

As Plotly's Chief Scientist, Jon is experienced across a wide range of technical domains, programming languages, data visualization techniques, and data science technologies. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University and has been a major R&D contributor to Plotly’s PyData ecosystem with his work on NVIDIA RAPIDS integration, Plotly Python and JavaScript libraries, HoloViews, pandas, Dask, and Datashader.

Chris Parmer

Chris is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Plotly. As the creator of Dash, Chris leads development efforts to make the framework the easiest, fastest language-agnostic way to build, test, and deploy interactive analytic applications. As data science teams become a standard establishment within the enterprise, Chris wants to ensure that even the most advanced analytics insights are accessible by everyone — whether or not they know how to code.