Go Beyond BI with Dash Enterprise and Databricks

Sidmach uses Dash Enterprise and Databricks for AI-driven insight

August 10, 2023

Business intelligence tools can serve as a starting point for organizations trying to make sense of structured data. However, when analytics teams need more flexibility in data type and output, they run into significant platform restrictions.

As an official Microsoft partner and Integrated Control Technology (ICT) firm, Sidmach initially tried PowerBI when tasked with building a public sector data app. They quickly realized that they needed a more efficient, scalable way to process billions of data records, and they turned to Dash Enterprise and Azure Databricks. By choosing the combined solution, Sidmach was able to go from mockup to production in just three weeks and launch their product, Edustat.

Watch this recorded showcase to learn how organizations like Sidmach go beyond BI and embrace the next-generation of data analytics with the following:

  • Starting in a Databricks notebook and linking to Dash Python UI components
  • Curating intuitive, user-friendly app layouts for optimal exploratory data analysis
  • Adding a front-end for self-service invoicing and one-click report generation for end users

About the Speaker

Akintunde Opawole is a Data-AI Product Expert and the Product Manager at Sidmach Technologies. Responsible for ideating, building, and delivering customer-centric products, he led the team that built the Education Statistics platform, EduStat. With over 7 years experience in developing innovative B2B, B2C, SaaS, and PaaS products across different verticals, Akintunde has managed developers, scrum masters, and business analysts to build e-commerce platforms, data analytics dashboards, OCR, and workflow applications.