The Book of Dash

Exclusive chapter preview for the Plotly Community

Whether you are new to Dash or an experienced user, enhance your journey with Plotly Dash today. Download one chapter of The Book of Dash, and you will also be entered into a raffle to get the complete book for free. The next winner will be notified on June 30, 2023.

You’ll learn how to create analytic apps that display data in effective, usable, and elegant ways in only a few lines of code.

For those who are new to Python or data wrangling, the first part of the book is a crash course on Python, PyCharm, and pandas. If you want to dive right in, the second part starts with the basics of a Dash app, then covers advanced layouts and graphs, ins and outs of building larger apps, machine learning fundamentals, and some tips and tricks.

Access a step by step guide on the following:

  • Using the pandas library to manipulate and analyze social media data
  • Using Git to download and build on existing apps written by the pros
  • Visualizing machine learning models in your apps
  • Creating and manipulating statistical and scientific charts and maps using Plotly

The understanding of Dash I gained in this book provided me with a whole new way to analyze and visualize data.” —Jordan Marshal, Python Developer

Just the book I’ve been looking for. This is the perfect next step for any Python student seeking to pivot into the Data Science niche. Easy to follow, and practical examples left me with the confidence to start on my own projects. Highly recommended.” —Peter Rubio, Python Author

Meet the Authors

Adam Schroeder

Adam Schroeder has been teaching Plotly Dash for over two years on YouTube as @charmingdata, whose videos have over 60,000 views per month. Adam is passionate about helping people learn data visualization, so when co-author Chris Mayer contacted him about writing this book together, Adam was instantly inspired by the opportunity to provide another learning method for people who want to learn Dash.

Christian Mayer

Christian Mayer has a PhD in computer science and is the founder of the popular Python site, an educational platform that helps more than 3 million people a year learn to code. He has published a number of books, including the Coffee Break Python series, and is the author of Python One-Liners (No Starch Press, 2020).

Ann Marie Ward

Ann Marie Ward is a Dash contributor and a moderator on the Dash community forum. Ann Marie has a BA in Economics and is a retired CEO. She discovered Dash when searching for a better way to analyze financial data and was so amazed by what's possible to create with Dash that she started to learn Python, JavaScript and R. Her contributions to Dash include improving documentation, fixing bugs, and adding features.