Plotly Hangout

Bringing Passionate Python Developers Together

May 29 @ 12PM EDT

We’re proud and lucky to have a thriving community of enthusiastic Plotly users. Plotly Community Manager Adam Schroeder started a new initiative called “Plotly Hangouts”. The casual session will occur every month and feature an interactive interview with a Plotly Community member with live audience Q&A. (Think of it as a virtual fireside chat!)

This month's session spotlights Anastasis Stamatis, CEO of Dataphoria — a company redefining the sustainability transition through data, aimed at pioneering the green revolution. Join us as Anastasis recounts his journey from data scientist to CEO of a thriving startup. He'll share pivotal insights and lessons gained along the way, covering:

  • Technical tips for data scientists
  • Strategies for entrepreneurial success in startups
  • Leadership and management best practices
  • Expertise in the green energy sector

Meet the Speakers

Adam Schroeder

Adam Schroeder is passionate about helping people learn data visualization. He has helped the community grow by building 1:1 relationships, resulting in 1.5 million downloads of Dash per month. Prior to joining the team, Adam taught Plotly Dash for over three years on YouTube as @CharmingData, whose videos have over 60,000 views per month. More recently, he was inspired to co-author “The Book of Dash” to provide another learning method for people who want to learn Dash.

Anastasis Stamatis

Anastasis, a green tech entrepreneur, merges his expertise in technology, engineering and advocacy to create impactful solutions for climate change. Through his startup, Dataphoria, he assists cities and businesses in harnessing ESG data using Dash Enterprise for sustainable decision-making. Previously, Anastasis worked as a data scientist and machine learning engineer, leading teams to transition from traditional analytics to cutting-edge python for advanced AI analytics.