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The June 2024 community meetup was held in San Francisco. Adam Schroeder hosted the session alongside Chris Parmer, the Co-Founder of Plotly and Creator of Dash. They covered the following:

  • The latest App Challenge featuring DBRX, the open-source LLM
  • Open-source initiatives and community programs
  • Newest features and fixes in the latest versions of Dash and Plotly Graphing Libraries

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Meet the Team

Chris Parmer

Chris is the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Plotly. As the creator of Dash, Chris leads development efforts to make the framework the fastest way to build, deploy, and scale interactive analytic applications. As data science teams become a standard establishment within the enterprise, Chris works to ensure that even the most advanced analytic insights are accessible by everyone – whether or not they know how to code.

Adam Schroeder

Adam Schroeder is passionate about helping people learn data visualization. He has helped the community grow by building 1:1 relationships, resulting in 1.5 million downloads of Dash per month. Prior to joining the team, Adam taught Plotly Dash for over three years on YouTube as @CharmingData, whose videos have over 60,000 views per month.