High-Performance Data Tables with Dash and AG Grid

A Technical Tutorial with Plotly’s CTO & Co-Founder

Recorded on January 26, 2023

Organizations are quickly moving from traditional BI tools like Excel to Python-friendly solutions like AG Grid. With over 1.2 million downloads per month, this leading component library amplifies the power of tables by offering in-place cell editing, live stream updates, integrated charting, and more

We’re thrilled to announce that, due to popular demand, Plotly is releasing the Dash AG Grid Python library to the open-source community. Watch this recorded technical tutorial to learn how Dash works with AG Grid to deliver rich and performant interactive data apps, enabling the following:

  • Management of core features of a data grid like resizing, reordering, and pinning
  • Access to AG Grid-specific features like pivoting, grouping, and integrated charts
  • The ability to switch between AG Grid community and enterprise editions

About Alex Johnson

Alex Johnson, Plotly’s CTO and Co-Founder, drove the development of Plotly.js and Dash, as well as Dash Enterprise. Prior to working in software, Alex earned a PhD in Quantum Physics from Harvard University. He is also a former Ziff Environmental Fellow and served as a database architect for renewable energy companies. Whether in software, physics, or materials science, Alex believes that the key to success is asking the right questions, gathering the best data, analyzing it deeply, and following its lessons wherever they might lead.