Dash Best Practices with Plotly Professional Services

An expert webinar to learn Dash tips and tricks

Recorded on October 11, 2022

From development to deployment, how do you ensure that your Dash app is the best representation of your data analytics model? Whether it be for a personal project or a mission-critical organization-wide initiative, the process of productionizing a data app can be challenging, and we want to help.

Plotly’s Professional Services team is hosting a webinar where they will answer commonly asked questions related to UI/UX, data connections, compute, and performance. They will share some tips and tricks that come directly from using Dash and tailoring data apps to meet specific workflow requirements.

Watch the on-demand session to learn the following (and more!):

  • Maximize code reusability and efficiency with components and multi-page files
  • Improve UX by planning out and streamlining user flow
  • Connect to databases with Python connectors to manage large datasets
  • Avoid common mistakes in Dash and know what to do instead

About Alex Hsu

Alex is a Solutions Architect on the Plotly Professional Services team, responsible for building Dash apps using the Dash Enterprise platform. He holds a degree in Cognitive Science, specializing in UI/UX design, and first developed his passion for software usability during his work experience in video game development and research.