Dash and ChatGPT: Future of AI-enabled apps

Showcase of ChatGPT and Python data apps from the Plotly Community

August 30, 2023

ChatGPT and large language models integrate with Dash as a Python-based framework. Our Dash-ChatGPT webpage demonstrates the power of this combination, allowing developers to quickly build interactive visualizations with a single prompt, create new web tools like a writing assistant, and even build custom geospatial maps.

We recently challenged the Plotly Community to build a Dash app that utilizes the ChatGPT API. Apps were judged on the depth of this integration, UI/UX design, and data exploration and data analysis routines, such as numerical methods, machine learning, prediction, classification, and optimization.

Watch this recorded webinar to see several Dash-ChatGPT apps from the Plotly Community:

  • Human vs. bot game using ChatGPT OpenAI, Dash Mantine Components, dash-iconify, and pyproject.toml, a build toolkit for Python projects
  • Professional website to ask questions about publications and research papers, using Information Retrieval Animation to simplify the complexities of thyroid cancer
  • Interactive app, created with embedchain.ai and built on top of Fast Dash, to query and extract knowledge from specific PDFs, URLs, videos, and text

Meet Plotly’s Community Manager

Adam Schroeder is passionate about helping people learn data visualization. He has helped the community grow by building 1:1 relationships, resulting in 1.5 million downloads of Dash per month. Prior to joining the team, Adam taught Plotly Dash for over three years on YouTube as @CharmingData, whose videos have over 60,000 views per month. More recently, he was inspired to co-author “The Book of Dash” to provide another learning method for people who want to learn Dash. He also launched the Dash Curriculum, an open-source tool for university professors wanting to teach Dash.