Dash + Dask: Plotly & Coiled CEOs Discuss Partnering

With Jack Parmer, Matthew Rocklin, and JP Hwang

Recorded on July 14, 2021

Dask has emerged as the de facto Python technology for parallel CPU and GPU computing. With Dash + Dask data apps, explorational analysis by business users can now be scaled to terabytes of data in realtime - far beyond the limits of traditional BI tools like Tableau.

How to build your own Dash + Dask apps will be illustrated through a series of open-source examples. The CEOs of Plotly and Coiled will discuss the partnership and roadmap between the two companies. Additional topics covered by our Machine Learning experts:

  • Building your first Dash + Dask app through 3 open-source examples
  • Productionizing Dash + Dask apps with Dash Enterprise and Coiled
  • Architecture Overview
  • Running computations in GPU memory through a Dash app UI

Meet the Speakers

Jack Parmer

Jack Parmer studied Engineering Physics at Stanford University, publishing his first physics paper at age 21. After graduating, Jack ran the data science program for a solar cell manufacturer before cofounding Plotly. He lives in Montréal with his partner and daughter.

Matthew Rocklin

Matthew attended undergrad at UC Berkeley studying Physics/Math/Astronomy then joined the Computer Science department at the University of Chicago as a PhD student. After five years at Anaconda where he helped create Dask, he moved to NVIDIA and led a team of developers that would continue to work on Dask and enable accelerated computing within Python more generally. Today, as CEO of Coiled, the company's mission remains providing accessibility to scalable computing to everyone.

JP Hwang

Originally trained as an engineer, JP has since had a varied career including stops as a patent attorney and an entrepreneur. These days, JP is a director at VisualNoise Data, whose products span the spectrum of data communication - from custom data visualisations to demo apps for technology showcases and accompanying articles.