Operationalize AI with Dash Enterprise 4.0

Recorded on August 5th, 2020

As the leading UI layer for ML and data science models, Dash helps organizations close the gap between their Data Science teams and the rest of the organization. Build and manage analytical web apps using Python, R and Julia. No JavaScript Required.

Watch this 1-hour recorded webinar to learn more about the new features in Dash Enterprise 4.0:

  • Write and execute code from Workspaces, Dash Enterprise's onboard code editor
  • Annotate or comment on apps through Snapshot Engine Notes
  • Receive live, on-screen notifications from Design Kit
  • Securely embed Dash apps in websites written in Javascript, Angular, React with Dash Embedded
  • Utilize built-in Dash integrations with Vaex, Snowflake, Databricks, Salesforce, Dask, and RAPIDs

About the speaker

Chris is the Chief Product Officer and co-founder of Plotly. As the creator of Dash, Chris leads development efforts to make the framework the easiest, fastest language-agnostic way to build, test, and deploy interac- tive analytic applications. As data science teams become a standard establishment within the enterprise, Chris wants to ensure that even the most advanced analytics insights are accessible by everyone — whether or not they know how to code.