NeuroBlu Analytics Platform Delivers Flexibility and Data-Driven Insight to Healthcare Stakeholders

Holmusk uses Dash Enterprise and Databricks to achieve faster development, decision-making, and deployment of their NeuroBlu analytics platform.

Holmusk combines the leading behavioral health database with AI-powered analytics and digital solutions. Behavioral health, differing from objective data, relies on subjective assessments to evaluate elements like mental health, disorders, and substance abuse that affect over 970 million people worldwide.

Needing to standardize data for over 1.5 million patients, Holmusk employed Dash Enterprise. The tool’s flexibility empowered the product development team to build the NeuroBlu platform, which delivers real-world behavioral health evidence to several of the top 20 largest biotech and pharma companies. NeuroBlue interactive data apps can be viewed directly in the browser, seeing a 2x number of features accessible to non-coder end users and 3x increase in non-coder personas in target segments.

Read this user story to learn how Dash Enterprise allowed Holmusk to:

  • Leverage existing resources and Python skill sets, while building for a diverse customer set of needs across the healthcare system
  • Meet pharma sector requirements with custom data visualizations, not possible to create with traditional BI tools
  • Integrate smoothly with back-end data and analytics architecture, which most recently includes adoption of DuckDB and Databricks

"NeuroBlu provides the richest real-world database of EHR data specifically tuned for behavioral health. Pharma teams, academics, payors, and providers can develop real-world evidence in hours instead of months with our evidence platform. Building for a diverse customer set of needs across the healthcare system is possible with the flexibility of Dash Enterprise” -Kevin Holland, Director of Product, NeuroBlu Platform, Holmusk