Build LLM Data Apps with LangChain and Dash

A joint webinar featuring community-built Dash apps

January 30, 2024

From ChatGPT to Gemini, Large Language Models (LLMs) have taken the world by storm. These tools are great but what if you want to work with multiple LLMs or chain together multiple components to enhance the capability of the LLMs?

LangChain is a tool that facilitates the process of combining LLMs with various external components, aimed at developing LLM-powered applications. When LangChain is coupled with Dash, Python developers can enable an interactive front-end to drive these AI applications.

We were thrilled to collaborate with LangChain on the most recent Plotly-Langchain Community App Challenge. Attend this special joint webinar to discover how the following data apps were built:

  • A knowledge base that uses a REST API to provide text embeddings for biological information, including proteins and genes
  • A financial dashboard that shows information about stock market events, including earnings metrics from FinHub and news stories from AlphaVantage
  • An app that shows information regarding current economic conditions (price inflation, unemployment, interest rates) using a retrieval-augmented generation chain

Meet the Speakers

Adam Schroeder

Adam Schroeder is passionate about helping people learn data visualization. He has helped the community grow by building 1:1 relationships, resulting in 1.5 million downloads of Dash per month. Prior to joining the team, Adam taught Plotly Dash for over three years on YouTube as @CharmingData, whose videos have over 60,000 views per month.

Erick Friis

Erick Friis, Founding Engineer at LangChain, currently spends most of his time on the Python Open Source side of the company. He's an ex-founder with a passion for language-based applications, and he first used Plotly during graduate school at MIT and internships for data visualization projects. He spends his free time outdoors on skis or training for triathlons.