Simplify Machine Learning Pipelines

with Luiz Tauffer, Machine Learning Data Scientist

Recorded on November 16, 2021

If pipeline is at the core of your organization, building out MLOps requires intuitive visualization tools. When you have reached the infrastructure as code limits of traditional BI, go beyond with Dash. Simplify building, testing, and deploying complex, data-rich machine learning apps with the all-new Pro Components in Dash Enterprise 5.0.

Constructing machine learning pipelines can be taxing. The growing list of Pro Components helps optimize processes, easily explore data, and automate more tasks by enhancing workflow with domain-agnostic components.

Born out of an affinity for Dash and a desire to solve his own machine learning pain points, Luiz Tauffer will walk through the following in this recorded webinar:

  • Adding project management with Gantt Charts, admin tools with the Date-Time Picker and Calendar, and step-by-step tutorials with the Tour component, & more to Dash apps
  • Improving productivity for code logic with new features from Dash 2.0
  • Reimagining MLOps with a unique GUI utilizing the Flow component in an intuitive-to-use Demo application

About Luiz Tauffer, MSc

Luiz Tauffer is the founder of Tauffer Consulting. He leads a team of engineers providing machine learning and data science solutions to business and research. He’s an enthusiast of GUI development with Dash, co-creator of Dash Cool Components and lead developer of Dash Pro Components. Luiz has a degree in Electrical Engineering, a MSc. in Biomedical Engineering and is currently finishing a PhD in Computational Neuroscience.