Optimize Data App Performance with Dash 2.9.2

A Technical Overview of the Latest Dash Open Source Feature

May 17, 2023

Better, faster, easier. Data app development can be complex, but this latest version of Dash Open Source offers substantial performance value by reducing network payloads and providing a programming pattern to remove unnecessary computations.

Included in Dash 2.9.2 and above, Partial Property Updates allows users to leverage the Patch() object to make changes to a component of a property without manipulating the entire property. With this change, UI interactions are more efficient but maintain the same level of granularity. Individual data scientists can more easily generate powerful full-stack data apps for their entire organization. Watch this recorded technical overview to learn how Partial Properties can reduce your data app’s payload size by 50% with the following:

  • Using the Patch object for assigning a new value, merging a dictionary, and appending an item to a list
  • Applying real-time changes to graphs or charts based on common UI interactions
  • Benchmarking of live payload processing size with Patch()
  • Reusing outputs between callbacks to reduce duplicate code

About Sushen Dang

As the Product Marketing Manager at Plotly, Sushen Dang is passionate about data analytics and driving value through impactful data apps. He is well-versed in Python, with over six years of experience in diverse industries, including Cyber Security, Telecommunications, and Social Media Marketing. Sushen also holds a Master's degree in MIS from UT Dallas and is a Certified Scrum Product Owner.