Dash Enterprise Scales Uniper’s Energy Trading Analytics

Uniper develops trading decision-support tools and advanced analytics data apps in a collaborative Azure Databricks notebook environment.

Uniper is one of Europe’s leading gas companies and one of the world’s largest electricity producers. With around 7,000 employees and operations in more than 40 countries, Uniper needed a tool to prioritize digitalization despite pressure from competitors and radical market changes.

Dash Enterprise allows Uniper's business users to develop energy trading analytics in a collaborative Azure Databricks notebook environment, resulting in a growing user base and an increasing number of data apps. This decision ultimately reduced deployment time from four weeks to nine minutes, while maintaining security compliance.

Download this user story to learn how Uniper used Dash Enterprise to:

  • Accommodate various Python workflows in a centralized app management platform
  • Integrate with standard app deployment process through existing automated CI/CD pipelines and single sign-on for user authentication, without manual operations
  • Platform observability into the cloud-native Kubernetes architecture, granting greater power for administrators to track and control resource usage

"Time-to-market is crucial in our ever-changing market environment. With the help of Dash Enterprise we were able to accelerate deployment of new apps from weeks to minutes without compromising on governance aspects and security.” -Volodymyr Sorokoumov, Digital Trading - Lead Platform Design & Operations, Uniper