Dash Enterprise for Sports Analytics

Bringing powerful Python analytics to the NBA

"Running a professional basketball team in many ways is like running any other business. It all comes down to information!" Cory Jez, Head of Utah Jazz's Basketball Analytics, needed to deliver understandable, explorable, and responsive analytics to over 40 stakeholders. Without the support of back-end DevOps or front-end web development teams, Cory needed an easy-to-implement solution. He turned to Plotly's Dash Enterprise because it enables visualizations to be built in Python alone, with platform support for horizontally scalable hosting, deployment, and authentication. By using Dash Enterprise, Cory was able to produce and securely deploy over 20 dashboards for key KPIs that enable Utah Jazz's operational and business decisions.

Download this user story to learn about the following:

  • Python advantages over legacy BI technology like Tableau
  • Direct integrations with data warehouses like Snowflake
  • Dash Enterprise capabilities for interactivity, reporting, & security

"With over 2 million data points generated for every NBA game, we needed a way to get the right information into the hands of coaches and executives quickly and securely." - Cory Jez, Head of Basketball Analytics