Efficient Streaming Pipelines at Scale

A special joint technical webinar with solution architects from Databricks and Plotly

December 13, 2022

Streaming data has become ubiquitous across a wide range of applications, from IoT technologies to transportation route planning and real-time financial reporting. But tailoring streaming tools to fit organizational criteria can prove challenging, especially when seeking to operationalize such workflows at scale. Legacy system architectures often present roadblocks and slow down data science workflows.

Databricks and Plotly Dash showcase a combined solution to ensure fast processing and visualization of such data, in real-time, even with large volumes.

In this recorded technical session, solution architects from Databricks and Plotly will walk through the following:

  • Building the back end of a Dash app with the Databricks Structured Streaming solution
  • Using the Databricks SQL python connector to connect to Dash
  • Leveraging the efficient Databricks Photon query machine with the dcc.interval Dash component
  • Deploying interactive, customizable large data apps at scale with Dash Enterprise

Meet the Speakers

Cody Austin Davis

As a Solutions Architect at Databricks, Cody helps Databricks partners develop cutting-edge technical architectures and unlock business value from data. He specializes in solving big data analytics problems for companies in ad tech, healthcare, and IoT. He is also a Databricks Certified Spark 3.0 Developer with a background in data engineering, business intelligence, and product development.

Hannah Ker

Hannah is a Solutions Architect at Plotly. She is passionate about creating interactive tools and visualizations to help people make sense of complex datasets. She holds a Master’s degree in Geospatial Data Science from University College London and has worked previously in the humanitarian and civic technology sectors.