Deliver Predictive Analytics with Dash Enterprise and Databricks

Customer spotlight on the Energy Sector with UK Power Networks

March 20, 2024

With 20 million customers, UK Power Networks is one of the largest distributors of electricity within England. As part of the national Net Zero initiative, the company launched the first independent Distribution System Operator (DSO) to provide low-carbon, lower-cost energy. UK Power Networks relies on efficient electricity demand prediction to ensure the most reliable service for its diverse range of customers.

UK Power Networks needed a flexible data analytics solution. The DSO’s Decision Sciences team turned to Dash Enterprise and Databricks to create real-time, ML-powered data applications that could be shared directly with electrical engineers and capital investment planners. The result? UK Power Networks was able to target over £400 million in savings for its customers.

Watch this recorded customer spotlight to hear how UK Power Networks used Dash Enterprise and Databricks to incorporate the following in their electricity demand prediction data applications:

  • Real-time data from 120,000 smart meters and historic data from low-voltage monitoring
  • Geospatially-diverse consumption behavior from 8 million businesses and households
  • Predictive analytics from complex machine learning models
  • Efficient workflows and proactive insights for timely network infrastructure upgrades

Meet the Speakers

Robert Belcher

Robert Belcher is the Analytics and DevOps Lead at UK Power Networks. Prior to this role, Robert worked in Management Consulting and supported clients across a diverse range of industries in both public and private sectors. He specializes in the synthesis of analytics & AI and more traditional strategic thinking. He leads a team of decision scientists working on the most pressing issues UK Power Networks faces.

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a Decision Scientist at UK Power Networks. Christopher leverages machine learning and data analytics to develop apps and provide actionable insights to create value for the business. His work spans a wide range of use cases, including clustering and classifying smart meter data, developing a low voltage (LV) utilisation model that informs network planning, and utilising Large Language Models (LLMs) to assist customer service agents in efficiently processing customers connections requests to the grid.