Streamline Excel Workflows with Python and Dash

Technical Workshop

April 19, 2023

In addition to collecting, manipulating, and organizing data, data professionals are responsible for communicating information in a meaningful way. Excel is often the starting point, but Python is more equipped to process large amounts of data due to its flexibility and automation.

Amongst the many tools that are used to automate and streamline reporting workflows, Python stands out for supporting complex tasks and integrating with external libraries, like Plotly. Watch this recorded technical workshop with Mingo Sanchez, Senior Sales Engineer at Plotly, to learn how to take your reporting workflows to the next level with Python and Dash. Other topics include:

  • Preparing CSV data using Pandas and generating Python data frames
  • Deploying pivot tables and working with multiple variables
  • Translating common Excel actions to Python
  • Improving team collaboration through interactive web apps

About Mingo Sanchez

Mingo is a Senior Sales Engineer at Plotly. After graduating from Bowdoin College with a degree in computer science, he started working with organizations in the master data management and data science spaces. Throughout his career, Mingo has partnered with large financial institutions, life sciences organizations, retail companies, and government agencies to help them better understand their data and more effectively serve their customers. Mingo enjoys building relationships with people to understand their pain points and help them solve their most challenging business and technical problems.