Unlock the Power of Geospatial Data with Dash

Analysis of Satellite Imagery

March 28, 2023

It can be challenging to navigate the options for displaying geospatial data. Thankfully, the Python ecosystem for handling this data is growing, and Dash enables a seamless integration of Python analytical workflows with a flexible front-end UI. At Plotly, we’ve seen mapping and satellite monitoring in a number of industries, from manufacturing and farming to crisis and insurance claim management.

Join Hannah Ker, Technical Project Lead at Plotly, as she teaches basic geospatial functionality in Dash, as well as more complex functions such as the following:

  • Background callbacks deliver computationally intensive processing tasks
  • Popular mapping tools (e.g. geo maps, Mapbox maps, Dash Leaflet, Dash Deck, and Datashader) support a wide range of data types, data volume, and user interactions
  • Processing and visualizing open source satellite image data to identify features of interest
  • Running image classification algorithms and visualizing real-time results

About Hannah Ker

Hannah is a Technical Project Lead at Plotly, passionate about creating interactive tools to help people make sense of complex datasets. Equipped with a MSc in Spatial Data Science and Visualization, Hannah previously worked in the humanitarian and civic technology sectors for companies like MapAction and Open North. She also volunteered for Missing Maps, YouthMappers, and McGill Undergraduate Geography Society. Hannah has been awarded with London Goodenough Association of Canada Scholarship, ESRI Canada GIS Scholarship, and Canadian Association of Geographers Undergraduate Award.