Research Institute Visualizes Health Data Through Interactive Platform

Dash Enterprise enables Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences (SICS) to deploy data catalogs, analytics, and published research.

After launching two cohort studies spanning over a decade’s worth of maternal and child health data, SICS encountered roadblocks to getting that data into the hands of researchers: data complexity, data silos, and divergent skill sets.

This fueled their decision to move from using the Dash open-source framework to Dash Enterprise.

With Dash Enterprise, SICS was able to further streamline and accelerate their work to build and manage a data vault platform that would equip researchers and collaborators to develop their own hypotheses to gain insight into the long-term health impacts of conditions during pregnancy and early childhood.

Download this user story to learn how SICS used Python and Dash Enterprise to achieve the following:

  • Collaboration and speed with control over user accesses, permissions, and app management
  • 5,500 global annual visitors who spend an average of 20 minutes at a time on the platform, suggesting that the platform is promoting engagement with the cohort data
  • Over 300 indexed publications and interest from leading research groups around the world

“The beauty and strength of the GUSTO study is that it spans multiple health domains. Having an open, interactive platform that showcases all the data and sample sizes that are available allows us to empower researchers to collaborate and form hypotheses linking multiple phenotypes.” –Mukkesh Kumar, Data Science Manager at Singapore Institute for Clinical Sciences