Plotly Ships:
Data Apps for Everyone

Product Launch

July 24, 12pm EDT

90% of data and AI applications never reach production — or decision-makers. Set sail towards the future of creating real business impact with actions and interactivity.

Plotly helps data scientists create pixel-perfect, interactive data apps for production. With our open-source framework and enterprise platform, we bridge the gap between data teams and business decision-makers. Our newest product release focuses on improving the collaboration, control, and customizability of Plotly products.

On July 24, we’ll chart the future of dynamic data and AI. Here’s a preview of what will be covered:

  • Keynote: All Aboard for Data Apps for Everyone
  • Plotly’s Story: Evolution and Core Values
  • New features: Plotly App Studio
  • Overview of Market Needs, Customer Insights
  • Feature Demo: Global Environment Variables and Horizontal Pod Scaling
  • Community Programs and Updates
  • Roadmap & Future Plans

Hear from industry experts, Plotly customers, and leadership on roadmap updates. Additionally, learn from Plotly advocates about new community programs and activities. Get your pass to navigate new waters with data apps!

Meet the Speakers

Chris Parmer

Chief Product Officer, Plotly

Adam Schroeder

Community Manager, Plotly

Sanjeev Mohan

Principal, SanjMo & Former Gartner Research VP, Data & Analytics

Domenic Ravita

VP Marketing, Plotly

Greg Wilson

Graphing Libraries Manager, Plotly

Matthew Brown

Senior Product Manager, Plotly

Mandy Singh

Senior Product Manager, Plotly

Justin Andrews

Senior Director of Innovation & Insight, Shorelight