Data Driven Oil & Gas USA 2024

Houston, Texas

June 11-12, 2024

According to Reuters, oil and gas production will surge to 13.7 million barrels a day this year. To address this rising demand and and urgent need for digital transformation, Reuters hosted the Data Driven Oil & Gas conference, which gathered over 400 industry leaders, including major operators and tech giants. This event created an open dialogue on building commercial relationships and sharing strategies for sustainable, data-driven innovation.

Working with companies like Shell, Chesapeake Energy, and Schlumberger, Senior Account Executive Justin Boll attended the conference. He was excited to connect and meet with leaders in the oil and gas industry, sharing how companies leverage Plotly Dash Enterprise for production-grade data apps. Chat with Justin and learn how Dash Enterprise achieves the following:

  • 4x faster time-to-delivery for energy data science teams
  • Unique user interfaces and custom apps for renewables asset administration
  • Access to the most current updates and analytics for executives and other stakeholders
  • Security, authentication, and authorization for highly regulated environment

Want to learn more about how Dash Enterprise can help your team? Fill out our form to book a virtual meeting with Justin. Even though the event is over, he would still like to meet you!

Meet Justin

Justin Boll is a Senior Account Executive at Plotly with over twenty years of experience in software sales. focused on the Oil and Gas Industry. His background is in business intelligence platforms, enterprise analytical applications, and data management. Before joining Plotly, he served as Sales Director at Chef Software, Cloudera, and Hortonworks.