Optimize Supply Chain Operations with Dash Enterprise

Customer showcase featuring NISCI

February 28, 2024

With rising transportation costs, efficient supply chain operations are becoming increasingly essential. Decisions around warehouse locations, sourcing, and truck routing can determine a business’s bottom line. To tackle these optimization challenges, organizations are turning to machine learning and advanced data analytics.

As part of MIT’s Global SCALE network, the Ningbo Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (NISCI) is at the center of modern supply chain research. The institute wanted to increase trust and transparency between its clients, industry partners, corporations, and government entities by coupling scenario planning algorithms with data visualization. After initial trials with Matplotlib, the team quickly realized they needed more interactivity and support for production-grade data applications, leading them to Dash Enterprise.

Watch this recorded customer spotlight to learn how NISCI improved cross-organizational decision-making for its clients by:

  • Building an LCL (Less than Container Load) loading application that enables rapid optimization initiation in 3 seconds and improved utilization rates by more than 15%
  • Developing a multi-channel distribution design application that improved next-day delivery capabilities by more than 12%
  • Adding cross-device compatibility and decreasing development time by 85%
  • Streamlining data workflows without needing a dedicated software development or IT team

Meet the Speakers

Pascal Wolff

Pascal Wolff is an Assistant Professor of the MIT Global SCALE Network’s Ningbo China Institute for Supply Chain Innovation (NISCI), and a Research Affiliate at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. His research interests encompass various topics in operations, logistics, and supply chain management.

Cal Reynolds

Cal Reynolds is a Solution Architect based out of Boston, Massachusetts. At Plotly, Cal partners with organizations of all sizes and domains to create mission-critical data solutions. His specialties include unstructured data modeling, cloud solution architecture, and document-based workflows.